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Listening-earUnderstanding who your ideal client is starts with you.

You cannot know the ‘language’ of your client if you don’t know who you’re speaking to.

As human beings, we are multi-talented, multifaceted beings, and we can become easily distracted IF you don’t have every aspect of your business clearly defined.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Feeling like you have something to say but it falls on deaf ears?

Feeling like you’re spinning your wheels and not getting anything done?

STOP and re-visit who your ideal client is.

You can begin to clearly define your ideal client by asking and answering some specific questions like:

How old is your client population?

Where are they located (i.e., region, county, city, online, offline, etc.)?

Are they male/female or both? Is my ideal client a business owner?

How much income does my client make?…and so on.

These questions are just the beginning of assisting you to get closer to the audience and client you are speaking to.

Take time and understand that your answers will not come over night, and may even change. But once you know more about WHO your client is, you will feel the confidence that comes with: increased ease of communication, increased engagement, and knowing that you are not just spinning your wheels but that your information is valued, and valuable to your clients.

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Lisa Scott, B.MSC.

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Business Is Not Just Business

Time after time I get the awesome chance to assist business owners to experience their business in a different way.

To know that your business is an extension of you and not separate from you.

When you view your business in this way, you begin to participate in a relationship with your business, and begin to feel the energy that your business communicates with the world.

How is this possible?

Because your business’ energy comes from YOU!

Everything you put your hands to…marketing, advertising,creating posts, mailings, networking, speaking with your clients,etc., exudes your energy…your vibe and your intentions.

The next time you visit a website, examine how it makes you feel.

While reading this post, how does it make you feel?

The energy that springs forth, without saying a word, yet speaks volumes…is your most important indicator.

Click the image for a 5 min. 17 sec. audio energizedThis audio explains the energetic connection you have with your business.

Be sure to share it with someone you know will receive value from it.

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Lisa Scott, B.MSC.

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Have you ever wondered where creativity comes from or how do we generate creativity?

Where do the genius ideas come from?

The answer itself REQUIRES creativity.

Here are 3 steps to assist you on your own path of creativity.

Set an intention: Ask the question: What do you want  information about? What do you need understanding of?

Intention needs a magnet and the magnet is to understand what the intention is for or about.

Connect to your physical reality: Creativity can remain in the “ethers” if it is never grounded in physical reality. In order to materialize into physical reality, an idea needs to be physically embodied and needs to take shape.

As the creator/conductor, you want to do anything that allows you to “come back into your body” or be grounded, so that you are able to FEEL, such as taking a shower, going for a walk, etc. Now that you have become grounded, you have become gravity(able to be magnetized), and you are in your feeling space.  Other examples of gravity are: income,earth,connection through physical reality,etc. The feeling space will allow you to begin to magnetize and connect to the other forms of gravity listed above.

Feel vs. Think: Allow the mind to shift so that there’s a magnet for an idea to come. Ideas beyond your mind exist in the feeling space.

These are the kinds of ideas that simply “come to you” without effort.

Just for a recap-

 Set the intention. What is the answer your looking for?

Get in your body. Connect to your physical reality.

Feel vs. Think. Allow the mind to shift.


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Lisa Scott, B.MSC.

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I was having a conversation with someone who tends to always have a story to tell regarding her friends or those around her.

The stories are always distressing, i.e., serious situations, death, drama, etc.

This person stated ” This type of thing happens around me all the time!”

I thought this was interesting since it barely happens to me at all.

I associated what this person was saying, to some other experiences I’ve had, where people tell me the kinds of information that shows up in their Facebook news feeds, and how the information that shows up, is in direct relation to what a person shows interest in and clicks on.
Facebook uses what is called algorithms to assist in determining what type of information each user will see and experience, but it all depends on the user.

What is an algorithm? In mathematics and computer science, an algorithm is a step by step procedure for calculations. Algorithms are used for calculation, data processing and automated reasoning.

This definition, as well as my very own experience of processing thought, reminds me of how we as human beings, take in information without necessarily paying attention to the kinds of information we receive.

Ultimately, whatever we pay attention to, the universe will give us more of!

It’s law of attraction at it’s best!

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These past couple of weeks have been absolutely incredible in ways that I never imagined! OOPS! I’ll take that back! I ABSOLUTELY imagined what has taken place!

I believe it was the beginning of last year when I began to really go deep within myself, and actually begin to construct, not only how I SEE my life, but how my life FEELS as well.

Why is this important?

BECAUSE when you begin to engage as many of your senses in what you are visualizing, there is an actual chemical response that begins to take place in the body.

FOR ME, along with the chemical response, I am feeding myself the energy I need in order to maintain my vision, and the BEST part about all of this is YOU ALREADY HAVE THE TOOLS that I am speaking of right there on the inside of YOU!

This past Thursday, June 26th, I walked right into my own vision of speaking to hundreds, when I was invited by the moderator of the call, to do so!

IT WAS SURREAL!…and yet, it wasn’t a surprise at all!


BECAUSE the vision was EXACTLY as I said it was going to be!

YOU ARE what the UNIVERSE has been waiting for!

We may just need a little assistance.


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Lisa Scott, B. MSC.

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Measuring Success

How do you measure something when you have not clearly defined what IT is?

Whether we are talking about personal or professional success, we should be looking at the following two things FIRST:

1) Clearly defining what success means to you in your personal life and

2.) Clearly defining what success means in your business.

If you have not clearly defined these you must go back , assess and make some changes TODAY. WHY?

It would stand to reason that an individual and/or business owner may feel like they are spinning their wheels and feeling overwhelmed if the fundamental pieces are not in place.focus

We cannot see what we are not looking at.

We mostly achieve success in the areas we are paying attention to.

Ever hear the saying, “A watched pot never boils?” Well, in this case it does!

So Let’s begin again.

What is your idea of success for you PERSONALLY?

What would you like to see differently in your life?

Would you like to be home earlier to be with the kids?

Would you like to work less hours?


What is your idea of success PROFESSIONALLY?

Would you like to see an increase in production (as related to whatever industry you are in)?

Would you like to see an increase in customer satisfaction and/or comments?

Would you like to see more traffic on your website?


These are not the only questions you should be asking yourself, however these questions are a great place to start.

measuring successThe specifics of what to measure become easier to see once you have clearly identified the WHAT, and the HOW becomes even easier.

By this part of the blog post you are starting to see and feel the absolute necessity in paying close attention to what to measure on the measuring stick of success, identified by YOU, the individual and by YOU, the business owner.

Once you begin to see a turnaround statistically or otherwise, in not only what you are measuring in your business, but you experience success in one of your targeted areas of personal success measurement, you will be glad that you spent the time going inside of yourself to pull out what lies in your heart for you personally and in your business.

It is my passion to assist individuals, who also may be business owners, to become more aware of the processes(work-flow), within your business so you are more confident to delegate where appropriate, streamline and create seamless processes within your business, for a more synchronized relationship between yourself and your business.

For further understanding on the process of measuring success, I would be honored to work with you and your business in order to see that you Go Home Earlier, Breathe Easier and Build Better relationships. This is my goal for 2014.

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Lisa Scott, B. MSC.-Certified, Advanced Work-Flow Process Improvement Facilitator

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I am sharing this article because of my own interest in this fascinating topic about child prodigies.

Our children are our future. Girl's hands holding globe

Please refer to the original article by clicking this link –

The author of this article is Andrew Dilks.

When you think of a child prodigy, you usually think of an exceptional young talent which has been recognized in a person’s early life and nurtured by those around them, who encourage their latent abilities to blossom and grow. Mozart, of course, springs immediately to mind – a rare and gifted talent in music who, on account of the culture and environment in which he was weaned, was able to develop into one of the greatest composers of all time. And while it could be said that such an upbringing was overbearing and destroyed any chance of young Mozart leading a “normal” life, without it, it is highly unlikely that his incredible potential would have been fully realized.

The same can’t be said for the system in the present age. For some time now, the education system has been geared increasingly towards controlling children in an authoritarian environment (much research has been conducted into the comparison between schools and prisons), preparing them for a regimented series of arbitrary tests to make them suitable for a particular vocation – it’s hardly surprising, given that one of America’s wealthiest industrialists,John D. Rockefeller, was instrumental in the establishment of the General Education Board, which many believe was designed not to elevate the American people towards a position of creative, free-thinking individuals but compliant workers. G.Edward Griffin stated that “the goal was — and is — to create citizens who were educated enough for productive work under supervision but not enough to question authority or seek to rise above their class.” He continued, “True education was to be restricted to the sons and daughters of the elite. For the rest, it would be better to productive skilled workers with no particular aspirations other than to enjoy life.” Indeed, this is precisely the kind of stratification we see in contemporary education to this day.

By definition, child prodigies are not “normal” children – often, early age genius is intrinsically linked with conditions such as autism and Asperger Syndrome, and it is this intensity of interest in a particular subject or field which leads the child to excel. This higher function in one respect is often contrasted with other behavioral issues, particularly an inability to function in social circumstances. The psychiatric profession inevitably came to diagnose this as a disorder or disability, and despite a growing movement to have this removed from the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostics and Statistical Manual, much in the same way that homosexuality was eventually removed, the identification of these personality and cognitive traits as a “problem” continues to this day.

This over-identification of mental health issues as a problem which needs addressing, rather than something which needs understanding with a view to nurturing a person’s inherent talents and abilities, is increasingly being ascribed to children across the spectrum. For years, restless and agitated children who rebel against the boredom-inducing regimentation of the classroom are being prescribed powerful anti-psychotics previously only given to adults with extreme cases of psychosis. Not content with fabricating new disorders to justify this assault on the minds of children (a number of prominent researchers have gone on record to state that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is “not a real disease”), the American Psychiatric Association continues to expand its list of mental disorders, with each volume of the DSM significantly larger than the last.

A far more troubling development came last year, when the APA introduced “oppositional defiance disorder” into the DSM-IV. ODD – which is characterised as an “ongoing pattern of disobedient, hostile and defiant behaviour” – takes the notion of labelling childhood behaviour as a mental health problem to disturbing new extremes. With symptoms which include questioning authority the writing is on the wall – non-conformity and free thinking is taboo to the establishment. Free and critical thinking is a crucial component of any society or culture which wishes to progress, and many historical developments which have improved both our understanding of the universe around us and improved our condition have arisen from those who are willing to challenge orthodox thinking. But conformity demands compliance, and in defining non-compliance as a mental illness in children and proceeding to medicate them with psychotropic drugs, the social engineers ensure that their authority – be it intellectual, political or ideological – remains unchallenged.

The rapid rise in mind-altering medication being prescribed to children, coupled with the effects of other toxic compounds found in food and water (a Harvard study recently confirmed what many have been saying about flouride for many years, that it reduces the IQ levels in children) can only lead to a diminishment of critical thinking, creative children in society. And the contrast between how the state react to such children compared to the individual couldn’t be much clearer than in the following two cases. Jacob Barnett was diagnosed by doctors as suffering from Asperger Syndrome who placed him on medication and into therapy – after being kicked out of school for allegedly not being able to learn, he went on to learn high school mathematics in two weeks before attending university.

By the same token, another home-schooling family in Alabama recently opened up about their children, six of whom had began studying for their college degrees by the age of 12. Several of the siblings went on to become a doctor, a spacecraft designer and an architect. Their parents attribute their incredible success to focusing on what it was they were passionate about, much like the scenario for child prodigies throughout history. Remove a child from the education system, it seems, and their latent abilities will flourish, realizing their true potential.

This assault on genuinely creative and original modes of thinking is inevitable, given that the ruling elites of the system are characterized by psychopathy, a personality trait which is inherently incapable of creative thought. This is ironically perhaps the most significant psychological characteristic when it comes to negative impacts on the well-being of any given society, but one which is rarely discussed and ultimately encouraged in the halls of political and corporate power. As long as a system which demands obedience to the state and conformity to its rules continues to exist, the assault on the free-thinking and creative spirit in children will continue unabated.

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