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Celebrate Yourself

Thinking back on this past year….IT’S BEEN INCREDIBLE!


Some of the gains I’ve been able to realize this past year are the following:

Created a Group Coaching Membership which has yielded some phenomenal relationships between professional women who view themselves as sisters now. The membership is more than a membership and more than I could have imagined! It’s a safe space for women to come together in an informal environment, throw on your jammies and cozy slippers if you like, as we talk about what is going on with each other, both as individuals – in life and in business, utilizing concepts related to the subconscious mind.

Created a Coaching for Coaches Membership, where I really started to learn some interesting and valuable lessons about myself, my desires as a Coach, services and products I will now offer, etc.

Got even more clear and now I am offering the EXACT services that my heart not only desires, but that I know my clients desire and need, to create forward momentum as individuals, in their lives and in their business.

Doing a guest blog spot coming in January on a QVC personality’s blog!

Hired part time Virtual Assistants to assist me in my business in order to really create the TIME-FREEDOM I desire for myself and my family.

In the process of designing and creating the digital products my clients and audience are looking for as a result of surveying my clients and audience.

Stepping into my own power on an even deeper level, releasing myself from my “perceived past” and being more present in the NOW!

What are you celebrating as we dance into the New Year?

I would love to hear from you!

As always….

Yours in continued Health, Prosperity and Momentum,

Cropped Lisa

Lisa Scott- Coach-Clarity & Self Awareness Facilitator

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I was just listening to one of my virtual mentors who said something that I needed to hear.

We all love confirmation right? We don’t NEED confirmation but we certainly love it!

Anyway, 2015 has been an incredible year of continued learning and expanding. I am in awe of how things are going and at how strong I’m finishing in the fourth quarter!

The most incredible part about this year is I find myself working WAY LESS than I have since 2006!

Back to what my virtual mentor said today. He said “The way that we start to work less….IS TO WORK LESS!”
I nearly fell out of my seat with excitement! Sounds easier said than done huh? It actually is EASY. It’s all about perception.
We perceive that we must work harder and longer because it’s the continued, day in and day out self-talk that is playing itself over and over again in our minds, but I know through my own personal experience that when you shift your way of thinking YOUR ACTIONS WILL FOLLOW.
In 2013 I started to concentrate my thoughts on a phrase called TIME-FREEDOM. When I heard it I didn’t know exactly what it was but it sounded self-explanatory and I knew I had to have it!
As the years have progressed I have learned to CLEARLY DEFINE what Time-Freedom means for me and my family. This along with believing that I could have Time-Freedom, and actively paying attention every step of the way, has assisted me to be able to breathe easier knowing that I am doing what I love to do, mostly when I want to do it, and in way less time.
“80% of your outcomes come from 20% of your inputs.”
Yours in continued Health, Prosperity and Momentum,
Cropped Lisa

CONGRATULATIONS on shaving years off your learning curve!

GOLDEN NUGGETS from me – A Coach – Clarity & Self Awareness Facilitator who has been blogging for my business since 2011.

If you have not done so already – Get your copy of BLOGGING MADE EASIER – TODAY.


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White Board Exercise:

Use your imagination and picture a white board in your mind.

Better yet here’s one! white board 2

Brainstorm every single thought that you PERCEIVE is holding you back, keeping you from thinking a new thought, making you feel sad, bad, depressed, angry, stationary, etc.

Put it on the white board.

Erase it!!

There! GONE!!

Now…CREATE…IMAGINE something new.

The mind is only focused on what you are focused on.

When you change your mind, the mind will go to work to prove what you are thinking and this is the ONLY thing that makes it true.

You hold the power to change and shift your current truth, to a truth that serves you.

Yours in continued Health, Prosperity and Momentum,

A vision of beauty







Lisa, B.MSC. – Coach-Clarity & Self-Awareness Facilitator

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The barriers of FINANCE, TIME and DISTANCE are GONE!

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Once you have become a member, I will add you to the SECRET FACEBOOK GROUP where you can begin to get to know fellow members, discuss, share and grow.

I look forward to growing with each and every one of you who chose to join what I know will be, an incredible journey and experience.

Here’s to you and your continued health, prosperity and momentum.

Lisa Scott


I was just telling my husband the other day that to be able to be aware and knowledgeable about every single process within your business… the ups, the downs, the forks in the road, the lessons, the growth and expansion, is priceless.

TODAY, I offer you a piece of my journey.

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…A brief 21 min. 49 sec. UNEDITED introduction, where you will receive information on the following:

-Managing stress
-“Associating” your way to success.
-Being conscious about NOT creating a replica of what you don’t want.
-The “life/business-altering” question asked by one of my mentors.
-The importance of NOT waiting for permission to be who you are.

Enjoy and as always, Thanks for stopping by!

Lisa, B.MSC

I’m sure you can imagine how it must feel to create something that was first a thought, and then a tangible something.

Something that is of value to you because you created it, and of value to others.

Almost 2 years ago I made the decision to create my very first product for my business.

Up to that point I was providing services, but no products.

The only thing more scary was if I didn’t follow through on what I was feeling!

…The excitement…The energy…The desire to actually create something out of No-Thing!

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The Power of Getting Clear Series image

With the help of my then, 14 y.o. son Xavier, I created a 22 min. program (a powerpoint presentation with audio background) called: Understanding Your RESPONSE-Ability and Taking Your Power Back.

I have decided to re-release this program…COMPLIMENTARY, not only because I have so many new friends, but because I want to provide an example to my fellow Solopreneurs, Coaches and business owners, that anything you put your mind to, you will achieve.


Enjoy my very first program by providing your e-mail. http://forms.aweber.com/form/09/2087365809.htm

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Lisa Scott

I had so much fun being interviewed by Ms. Cynthia W. Bridal Tribe – http://www.blogtalkradio.com/bridaltribe/2015/02/19/relationship-resolutions-moving-from-paralyzed-to-empowered-in-life-and-love

“Lisa Scott- Business Mentor, Energy Intuitive, Life Coach -talks about Utilizing Process- Improvement and Emotional Intelligence to experience the life that you desire. We explore techniques to change how pressures and expectations effect your life. Give tips on clearing and organizing your internal environment, and creating a no- judgement zone for yourself.”


bridal tribe 2 yes

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Lisa Scott, B.MSC.

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