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I’m sure you can imagine how it must feel to create something that was first a thought, and then a tangible something.

Something that is of value to you because you created it, and of value to others.

Almost 2 years ago I made the decision to create my very first product for my business.

Up to that point I was providing services, but no products.

The only thing more scary was if I didn’t follow through on what I was feeling!

…The excitement…The energy…The desire to actually create something out of No-Thing!

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With the help of my then, 14 y.o. son Xavier, I created a 22 min. program (a powerpoint presentation with audio background) called: Understanding Your RESPONSE-Ability and Taking Your Power Back.

I have decided to re-release this program…COMPLIMENTARY, not only because I have so many new friends, but because I want to provide an example to my fellow Solopreneurs, Coaches and business owners, that anything you put your mind to, you will achieve.


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Lisa Scott

I had so much fun being interviewed by Ms. Cynthia W. Bridal Tribe –

“Lisa Scott- Business Mentor, Energy Intuitive, Life Coach -talks about Utilizing Process- Improvement and Emotional Intelligence to experience the life that you desire. We explore techniques to change how pressures and expectations effect your life. Give tips on clearing and organizing your internal environment, and creating a no- judgement zone for yourself.”


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Lisa Scott, B.MSC.

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It is my life’s purpose to assist people to realize the innate power that already exists on the inside.

I had the pleasure of being invited to join one of my new friends, Mr Kelvin Troy Johnson, on his radio show, Success From The Ground Up this past Sunday, February the 8th, for his speakers series.

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Lisa Scott, B.MSC.

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Re-Write Your Own Program

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As a Life Coach and Self-Awareness Facilitator, I feel it is my responsibility to assist myself to experience my greatest human potential, in order to be able to effectively and efficiently assist others.

I consider myself to be a bit of a scientist as I explore with great depth and intricacy, the processes and steps that I share with my clients.

It is one thing to believe something to be true, and another to know that what you share with others, is reality, if one desires it to be so.

Assisting each and every client that I come in contact with, to achieving their greatest human potential, is my heart’s desire and my life’s mission.

Allow me to share with you, some of what I have come to know for myself, in your ability to achieve your greatest human potential.

Step 1 – Decide. As I look back on my own journey of understanding, one of the “hardest moments” I have experienced was between the threshold of the unknown, that I believed I was about to experience at the time. The feeling is just that..a belief. It’s because as human beings, and we’re wired to try to figure out the “how,” that an individual can become paralyzed with fear if we don’t know the how, and therefore not move at all. The decision to release ourselves from having to know the how, will be of great importance on your journey to using your greatest human potential.

Step 2 – Commit. In order to unleash our greatest human potential, commitment to the process is essential. I will not delude you into thinking that everything in your life will change in the blink of an eye. What I will say is, if you commit to the process of moving forward into the “not so familiar,” on a consistent basis, you will achieve the results you desire. The commitment you decide to have toward yourself and your goals, is the greatest investment you will ever make and well worth that investment.

Step 3 – Forget about the past. As I’ve posted in previous blogs, it is not necessary to analyze the past in order to move forward. In fact thinking about, and analyzing the past, is the exact opposite of what you should be doing. Question: How do you create something new if you’re collecting data from the past? The answer: You don’t. Start from now. Start from what you want, and not from more of what you don’t want.

Step 4 – Go beyond here and now. Your ability to use your greatest human potential is directly tied into your ability to see beyond today, into your future. I’ll go so far as to say that you not only need to give yourself the opportunity to see clearly what your future looks like, but you will get to know your future so intimately, that you will begin to experience your creation, as your NOW. The more you practice at seeing your future, the easier it will be.

I believe that all BEings are here to experience and use your greatest human potential.

Thank you for allowing me to share what I have come to know.

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Lisa Scott





Lisa Scott- B.MSC.

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I am creating this post as a form of therapy for myself, so I thank you for taking the time to read it.

I thank Sol Ballard for her courage, which in turn allowed me to open my door just a little bit wider. Please take the time to read her post as well.

About 6 years ago, my life was at a crossroads. I didn’t know whether I was coming or going, and a nice drink, or two or three, was just the ticket to drown out and dull my senses enough to try not pay attention.(It really didn’t work).

Long story short, my husband and I got into a huge unnecessary argument that left me feeling out of control and lower than I had ever felt before in my life.

I decided to call a friend of mine, who at the time, was studying and deep into the religion of her choice at that time, and I decided it was time to join her.

When I look back, it turns out that it was not the religion itself, the church or the people specifically that I needed, but rather, someone or something to tell me what to do, repetition, knowing exactly what was going to happen from week to week and day to day. In essence, knowing the rules and the consequences of not playing by those rules.

I found comfort in this because I felt like I didn’t have control of the outcomes in my life at the time.

As weeks turned into years, I began to “wake up” to myself. Of course there are many stories and particulars to this “waking up,” but mainly, I could hear my own questions and I could hear my own “Inner-Knowing”. The questions that laid dormant inside of me could no longer be contained.

I had come to a point where I needed to feel again. I needed to feel who I was. What was I thinking? What were my questions, and even more importantly, where would those questions lead me?

This was the scariest part ever! Where would my questions lead me?

The answer to some of my questions lead me right out of the church, but as I continued to ask questions, seek answers and decide that I would allow myself to be on the journey, I could feel myself “aligning” more and more WITH MYSELF.

This is my greatest purpose and reason for becoming a Life Coach…To create and allow a safe space for people to hear and align with themselves when ready to do so. There is no greater purpose on the earth than to know yourself.

This alignment yielded other questions like: What will my friends think? Will people think I’m crazy? Will I be alone?

As I continue on this journey six years later, I realize that the same questions can continue to circle back over and over, as you continue to align, see even more, perceive differently, etc.

There have been many fears that I have had to face, but as I think about, weigh and assess each and every one, the greatest fear that I feel I have ever had to face, is knowing the answer that I hear on the inside and not aligning with my own answer…My Inner-Knowing.

Each time that I hear, see, know and do, I am released from the grip of fear that once bound me.

Standing still when we are to contribute. Keeping our mouths shut when we are to speak. Shrinking when we are to grow, over any other fears, are the greatest.

I know I am not alone, as I was taught a long time ago that we are one. And what one is feeling, so do others.

As I continue on this path of releasing myself into a state of BE-ing, I invite you to come with me.

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Lisa Scott

Lisa Scott, B.MSC.

Relationship Wealth

I was having a conversation with my husband about an awesome new group that I am associated with and how incredibly intelligent some of the group members are.

They are well-versed and skilled in business however, I wondered how many of their personal relationships were doing as well.

As I pondered the question, of course I was forced to look at my own relationship. What I realize about my relationship and the importance of it, is worth writing about.

Dissolving Expectations For Better Relationships:

My husband and I have been married for 18 years, and known each other for 23 years. We share an incredible relationship…now.

We did not always have such a wonderful relationship and as with many things, it took/takes work and commitment. Rob and Lisa Sitting in a tree 5

My husband and I decided early on, that regardless of what was happening in our relationship, it was worth fighting for even though we did not always feel like fighting for it.

Ultimately, through conversations, spaces of “allowing,” and learning to be co-dependent with one another, instead of dependent on one another, we have achieved wealth in our relationship that matters beyond the relationship itself.

I have come to appreciate some things that my relationships affords me as an individual, as well as a business owner:

Creative expression. When you don’t have the “blockages” in your heart and mind that come with worrying because your relationship is in turmoil, your personal energy is free-flowing. You are as free as you allow yourself to be.

Increased energy. Because of our connection to our loved ones, when the other person is sad, angry, etc., we can and do experience the same energy. A wealthy relationship affords each individual increased energy.

Laughter. I find myself laughing so much more. This is incredibly therapeutic to the heart and to everyone else around you. Especially if they are unable to laugh because of something they may be going through.

Increased desire to excel. Because of increased energy and creativity, it feels like “the sky is the limit!”

Uncovering layers/Understanding myself. This is one of my favorites! Although I have learned of the wealth that a healthy unity with another can create, I have learned something even greater, and that is the love and appreciation I have for myself.

It is because I have, and continue to allow the process of learning, growing and appreciating myself more and more, that my relationship remains wealthy.

Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.

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Lisa Scott

Lisa Scott, B.MSC.

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